Monday, 1 May 2017

April 2017

Harlem Globetrotter are in town! We went to enjoy some comedy and basketball!

Students' night at the opera! Manitoba Opera presents Werther! Great story and impressive performance!

March 2017

Every first Wednesday of a month, Canadian Museum for Human Rights offers free admission to public. It is the only national museum located outside of the National Capital Region. The architecture always amazes the tourists.

School inservice day, we went to Carnaval Brazilian BBQ Restaurant for all-you-can-eat lunch! Delicious and authentic Brazilian food almost put us in a food coma! :)

Back to the Manitoba Moose Ice Hockey Game!
The last chance to see some hockey before summer comes!

Manitoba Museum! A museum that's so informative and educational! Want to know about Manitoba? This museum is a must-see!

Last day of spring break, we went to the escape room. We were locked in a castle and tried our best to escape. We almost made it, only needed 5 minutes! 

February 2017

New semester has started! Like always, it begins with our Canadian Cooking and Living Workshop!

Festival Du Voyageur! The annual 10-day winter festival, the biggest in Western Canada! It celebrates Canada's fur-trading past and unique French heritage and culture through entertainment, arts and crafts, music, exhibits, and displays. This year it's a bit too warm but we still had fun.

Friday, 10 February 2017

January 2017

The first month of 2017, what did we do for our adventure?

On January 3rd, we went to the Forks. We had lunch at The Pancake House and then did some ice skating! It was a really cold day, -45 or even colder, but who cares? Now we've got the Canadian spirit!

On January 6th, we went to the Real Escape Canada, played our favorite escape room! We tried the Nuclear Meltdown and the Castle. We didn't make it but still had so much fun. We are definitely going back and we will solve all the puzzles!

We had pizza lunches at four high schools, to say goodbye to the leaving students. For the leaving students, we wish them the best of luck in their future, hope this memory and experience will still make them happy in the rest of their lives. As for the staying students, we are going to explore more and more in Canada! 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The last month of 2016!

 On December 3, the Manitoba Legislative Building had their annual open house. It's the time of the year to see how Manitoba Government works. We went there met Santa, watched entertainment and had a tour of the building, some of us were even in the Premier's office!

On December 6, we went to Koats for Kids to volunteer! We helped with sorting winter jackets and other winter gears, such as mitts, tuques and scarves. The sorted jackets and others are going to be delivered to families in need. There was a huge snow storm on that day but we still made it there and did the work!

December 15, we had a pizza lunch at Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, as a warm-up for the upcoming holiday season!

December 16, we went to Ye's Buffet and had lunch. It was a very cold day but the good food kept us warm!

Winter break has started! We went to Centennial Concert Hall on December 23 to see Nutcracker brought by Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It was an amazing show and all of us enjoyed it. It's a great experience for this Christmas tradition.

Winnipeg winter is cold. On December 28 we went to A Muse N Games and played some board games. What a great way to spend winter time!

Thank you all for your support of our program in 2016! It was a great year for a lot of international students. We will continue our journey in 2017. More excitement will appear in our lives!
Happy New Year!
See you in 2017!

Monday, 28 November 2016

It's November already!

On November 3rd, we had a National Universities Fair at Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, universities from across Canada participated in this event. Our international students got a lot of useful information from this fair.

Santa Claus Parade this year was on November 12! It was definitely the nicest weather you can imagine for Santa Claus Parade. We saw over 100 floats and probably half the population of Winnipeg! Very exciting and fun!

November 17 we had the MCIE (Manitoba Council for International Education) Reception at the Manitoba Legislative Building. Our international students were volunteering at this event. So proud of them!

On the same night, we went to the Student Night at the Opera, Manitoba Opera put on a great show of Falstaff.

 This year winter came really late. November 21 we finally had our official first snow of the season. Let's celebrate Winnipeg Winter! 

November 25 we had no class at school. So we went to Winnipeg Art Gallery and spent our afternoon there to enjoy some art!